Free Time Activities

Since I'm a student, I go to school weekdays and so I don't have too much free time. I usually spend six or seven hours at school then I have lunch at the school cafeteria. After that I either go downtown for some shopping or I go home and study. If I have some free time during the week I might also read a book or watch some TV. Lately my evenings have been spent preparing for my graduation examination which takes up a lot of time.

Even though I have a lot to do, I still have some free time for leisure activities. On the weekends during spring and autumn I like to go with my family to our cottage. I like taking long walks around the countryside and I like watching the seasons change. Also I am interested in rock collecting and mineralogy so when I get some free time I like to look for interesting rocks to improve my collection. In the winter I enjoy sports like skiing, skating or playing ice hockey. I'm not very good at skating or hockey but I think I've become a pretty good skier.

I have the most free time during the summer months. One of my favorite activities is to go canoeing with  my friends. It's really nice. We borrow a couple of canoes and choose a nice spot on the river to begin. We spend the day floating and paddling down the river. Sometimes if it gets hot we jump in the water and go swimming. Of course we take breaks during the day, we stop along the river to prepare some food or to visit a local pub. In the evening we set up our tents and make a campfire. We spend the evening talking, singing songs, and enjoying nature. One of my favorite things to do is to cook some sausages over the campfire. We also like to wrap potatoes in foil then cook them in the hot ashes. These wonderful trips, just like summer, always end too soon.

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