Sports and Games

Sports can be defined as any activity that gives enjoyment or recreation. Sports can be played outdoors or indoors. Some of the more popular sports are football (known as soccer in the US), hockey, tennis, squash, swimming, running, golf, skiing, and baseball. Of course there are many other sports. Some sports that are typical of England are rugby, cricket, rowing, and horse-riding. When you add rules to a sport it can be called a game. A lot of people do some kind of sport, even if it's just going for a long walk, in order to stay fit. People who don't exercise at all are less likely to feel and look healthy.

Many sports are played in a sports hall or a stadium. Sports like figure skating, speed skating, and ice hockey are played on an ice-rink. Some sports can be played where ever there is an open space and room for running. Sports like cross country and downhill skiing require at least a few centimeters of snow. Swimming can be practiced in a swimming pool, lake, river or in the sea.

The Olympic Games are probably the most famous and important sports competition. In the past both the summer and winter Olympic games were held every four years and in the same year. Now the summer and winter games are still held every four years but they are spaced two years apart from each other. For example, in the year 1996 the summer games were held and two years later, in 1998 the winter games were held. There are other important sports competitions such as the Football World Cup which is also held every four years. The Wimbledon tennis championship and hockey world championship are important competitions which occur every year.

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