The Town Where I Live and Study

The town of České Budějovice where I live was founded by Czech king Premysl Otakar II in 1265, to become the centre of king's power in South Bohemia. It is located where the rivers Malše and Vltava flow together. The town had a special position in South Bohemia and this was emphasized by the fact that a majority of Germans lived here from the very beginning.

The golden times of the town's history were in the 16th century. Its wealth and influence increased quickly due to profitable businesses in beer brewing and fish pond keeping. As the town grew rich, its face started to change. The old Gothic houses were reconstructed into new ones in the Renaissance style. The best sign of town's power was the construction of a new guard tower known as the Black Tower.

The beginning of 17th century started a time of destruction and decline for the town. Silver mining slowed to almost nothing and a fire destoyed much of the town in 1641. By the end of the 17th century the town began the road to rebuild and recover. Then in 1751 České Budějovice became the seat of the region.

Today, České Budějovice is spread over an area of 5554 hectares and there are more than 97 000 inhabitants. I can say that even though České Budějovice is noisy and polluted it is also a pleasant, exciting town. I'm happy to live there because Southern Bohemia is one of the cleanest areas of the Czech republic, so I can always leave the city if I want to enjoy a clean natural environment.

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