The Weather and the Seasons of the Year

The weather in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has a continental climate which means the weather changes a lot during the year. There are four distinct seasons - in spring it is warm but with many cool, rainy days, in summer it can be very hot but it also rains quite a bit, in autumn the days are cool with foggy mornings, and in winter it gets quite cold and it can be windy and snowy. The highest temperatures occur in July and August when the temperature can go up to 35 degrees centigrade, but usually it only gets up to 25 or 30 degrees. January is usually the coldest month of the year with normal temperatures of around freezing to about 5 degrees. On extreme days the temperature can go down to 20 degrees below freezing. If you average the temperatures over the whole year, the Czech Republic has an average temperature of 9.8 degrees centigrade.

The weather in Great Britain
The weather in Britain is slightly milder than the weather in the Czech Republic. This is partly because Britain is surrounded by water. The water helps to control the temperatures and to keep them from being too extreme but it also contributes to the amount of rain that falls in Britain. In Britain they also have four distinct seasons. The winters have more snow than we do here but it isn't so cold. In spring it rains a lot but there are also sunny days. In summer the temperature can be over 30 degrees but that doesn't happen very often. In autumn there is also quite a bit of rain and cool days. In Britain the days during summer are slightly longer than they are here and the days in winter are slightly shorter. On average the Czech Republic has more days with sunshine than in Britain.

The seasons of the year
There are four seasons of the year - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring officially begins on March 21st. In spring there is a lot of rain and sunshine. The days slowly get longer and warmer so that plants begin to grow again. In summer, which begins June 21st, the days are usually hot and sunny but there can also be a lot of rain. Autumn, which begins on September 23rd, is probably best known as the season when the leaves on the trees change to bright colors. Autumn is also known for its windy weather. The days get shorter and colder as winter approaches. The season which begins December 22nd is winter. In winter the weather is cold and there is a lot of snow. I think living in a country where there are four distinct seasons is much more interesting than living someplace where the weather doesn't change much.

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