House and home

I live with my parents and my brother in a six-room house. Our house is located in a small town so we also have a nice garden surrounding the house. If you walk up our driveway you will have to go around to the back of the house to find the entrance. When you walk into the house you will be standing in a small entrance hall where the bathroom and toilet are located. If you walk forward you will come to our dining room. There you will see a round table with a vase in the middle and four dining room chairs. We also have many cabinets and display cases where my mother displays her favorite china and crystal items.

From the dining room you can either turn right and go to the kitchen or you can turn left and go to the living room. In the kitchen you will see white cabinets and many appliances like a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, a microwave, a coffee maker, and a dishwasher. You will also see a big window and a sink. In the living room you will see a sofa and two matching chairs, a coffee table, some tables with lamps, a television, and large bookcases filled with books. My father is very fond of reading so he is always looking for space on the shelves to put his new books.

If you go the other direction out of the living room you will come to my parents bedroom. They have the usual bedroom furniture like a bed, a chest of drawers, cabinets and a wardrobe for clothes, and night tables. On the bed they have a white bedspread and if you look down you will see blue carpet on the floor.

Now, if you go back out to the entry hall you will see stairs going up. At the top of the stairs you will find my bedroom. Even though I try to keep my room tidy, sometimes I have a real mess in there. If you look in you will see my bed, a desk with my computer sitting on it, a chair, some bookshelves, a small table, and a cabinet for my clothes. There are many other things like posters of nature scenes on the walls, a small stereo, some plants, and shelves where I have my childhood toys displayed. I like my room but my mother wishes I were more tidy.

If you continue down the upstairs hall you will come to my brother's room. His room is slightly smaller than mine but he still has a nice room. He has mostly the same kind of furniture as I do but he has different kinds of decorations. He prefers posters of his favorite musical groups for his walls and he has model cars displayed on his shelves. My mother also wishes that he would keep his room tidier.

So, this was a tour of my home, I hope you liked it.

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